Replacement Puppies

What happens if you put a deposit down on a puppy and it develops a health problem while still at our kennel?  Such as- sickness, heart problems, sight and hearing problems, testicle concerns in males, hernias, and in the absolute worst situation death.  We have the puppies vet-checked between 6-8 weeks of age, at this time if anything is wrong we will notify you immediately and let you know the problem and what may or maynot happen to the puppy in the future.

There are a couple of options if this situation should develop.

1.  If any of the above situations occur we will refund the deposit.  This is the ONLY time the deposit will be refunded.  Under no other circumstances will it be refunded.

2.  Or we can keep the deposit and you will have the first chance at a puppy from the next litter.

3.  If you still want the puppy, even though we have informed you of the health problem, we can work something out a reduced cost.  Although after the puppy is in your possession we will NOT be held responsible for any vet bills associated with the noted health problem.  We will have a vet paper signed by our vet noting and describing the health problem.

This email is intended to inform you of what we will do if something goes wrong.  It is not to scare you, we are honest from the start and want you to be aware of our policies. These situations are rare, but it is important for you (the buyer) to know your options.  We do everything we can to raise healthy puppies, but some situations are out of our control.