Reserve Your Puppies
PPF Farms Kennel- Choosing your puppy:  (effective April 10, 2018).

1.  When the puppies are 6 weeks old we will email a video of the litter so interested families can choose their puppy.  
     *I will describe each puppy to the best of my ability.  All puppies will be chosen from the video.  
     *You do have the option to then visit your chosen puppy in person at 7 weeks of age.  
     *If and when you visit at the 7 week mark you do not like your chosen puppy- your deposit can be refunded or placed toward the next litter.
     *The puppies leave us at 9 weeks of age.  
2.  Once the video is emailed to interested families, choosing is first come first serve. 
     * I will send out an email letting you know when I will be emailing the video.
3.  Let us know which puppy you would like and then we will email the paypal link for the deposit.  
    *You'll have 12 hours to pay the deposit via paypal.  If we do not get the deposit within the required time frame, we will not hold the puppy for  you.  
    *If you need to mail a money order for the deposit, you have 4 business days to get it to us, however we will need a picture of the money order or a picture of the receipt                  emailed to us within 24 hours, or we cannot hold the puppy for you.
4.  No pictures or videos will be emailed before the puppies turn 6 weeks old.
5.  Once you choose your puppy we'll email the puppy contract for you to complete and scan back to us (pdf format only) or mail back to us.  
     This is required within 5 business days.
6.  If you choose not to visit at the 7 week mark, you will see your puppy the day you get him/her.  
    **We will no longer be emailing  picture/video updates.  You can email anytime to see how your puppy is doing.**
PPF Farms Kennel- Rules When Visiting:
  1. We do not allow any dogs to be brought to the visit.
  2. Visits are 1 hour.
  3. If you wish to meet the parents during the visit let me know in advance.
  4. You are allowed to take pictures and videos when you visit.


Payment Methods Accepted

1. We accept money order's and cashier's checks (Make payable to Tim or Bobbi Jo Powell or PPF FARMS KENNEL).

2. We accept Credit Cards and E-checks through Paypal only (for more information on how to use this email us). There will be a 3% plus $0.30 cent fee added to the total when paying with PAYPAL, that is what we are charged.  Basically after you have selected the puppy you want for your own from the pictures we emailed you, if you want to pay through PayPal, email and let us know. WE WILL EMAIL AN INVOICE FOR THE TOTAL. DO NOT JUST SEND SEND PAYMENT TO OUR EMAIL, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. The total of the paypal invoice will be the cost (or the deposit) of the puppy PLUS the additional 3% plus $0.30 cent fee.

3. If you want to pay just the deposit through Paypal, the total would be the deposit plus the 3% plus $0.30 cent fee. Then when it comes time to pay the balance you can pay with cash, money order, or cashier's check when we meet or you pick the puppy up.

4.  If you want to pay the balance due with paypal this must be completed at least 24 hours before pickup/delivery of your puppy.  You will be charged the balance on the puppy plus the 3% plus $0.30 cent fee

5.  Under NO circumstances do we accept paper personal checks.