Bobbi Jo and Tim:
Time for an update on our Molly.  She's just 21/2 years old and still acts like a puppy.  It's hard to describe how much enjoyment she gives us.  She has spent two winters in Florida with us and soon we'll be on our way for a third.  Molly grew to 15 pounds and has not deviated more than a couple tenths over the past year or so.
She is a sound sleeper and usually spends the night between Gerry and I. 
I've attached some photos of Molly.   The still shot shows her after she was groomed yesterday.  Hope your kennel is doing well and you continue to produce wonderful puppies like Molly.
Regards, Alex and Gerry

"Cooper is getting so big and losing that puppy look. He is full of personality and a good boy. We love him a lot!"

Thanks again

"Here is a picture of a Abby at 13 weeks. everything is just going great."


This has become his favorite position.  He loves to "dance" for long periods of time on his hind legs or stand and look out the french doors to the backyard.  He, like Cairn MacTavish (also yours) is an extremely healthy (16.10#) and a happy guy.  Loves big brother MacTavish and both cats, but especially Michael my Tux.  Hard to believe he is 16 months tomorrow.  He loves people, listens well and is full of energy!  Plays fetch for hours and knows each toy by name.  He will bring the exact one you tell him.  Thanks again for both my wonerful boys.  Your breedings produce such wonderful dogs.  Laurie 

Just a note to again say Thank you for the new addition to our family. Charlie had his first veterinary appointment on 11/05/16 and received a clean bill of health!  He is spunky, curious and full of energy. We just love him!  Monica

Love him!!!! Sleeping all night and never cried!  Elaine

Rocky watching football from the best seat in the house !  Leah

We got our sweet little Charlotte from PFF Farms when she was 9 weeks old. We had such a wonderful experience with them. Bobbi was so nice and accommodating through the whole process. She sent updates & pictures until it was time for our pup to come home. She also quickly answered any question I had concerning nutrition or training. I would highly recommend anyone get their Westie here because they really care about their dogs as well as their customers.  And our Charlotte has the best personality, she is so friendly and loves everyone!  Lynda

This is Apollo, who was born on May 23rd. We absolutely love this dog. He is smart, sweet, active, friendly with animals and people, and healthy as can be. Thank you so much for such a great dog.  Lee 

I want to thank PPF Farms for my boy Frosty. He is such a happy, healthy puppy. He is pawfect in every way. He is so sweet and has such a great personality! My Westie from PPF was my first dog and I couldn't be happier. He is a smart playful boy! I did a lot of research before finally picking him and PPF and it was the best decision I've ever made. We are the best of buds and when the time comes we will go to PPF to expand our little family ❤️Thank you!   Nicole 

I lost my previous dog, a poodle, on 2/3/15 and was just heart broken  I found Powell's website and decided that I would get a Westie this time.  I fell in love with Violet the moment I laid eyes on her and she is the love of my life.  I'm a widow and Violet has brought so much joy and laughter to me.  My home would be an empty place without her.   Judy

Sending you a picture of PPF sisters, Katie and Emma, 2 years old.

Good Morning:  Attached are a couple photos of Angus. The second was with his summer cut. We brought him home on December 27, 2014. He’ll turn 2 in a couple of weeks. We could not be happier with him. He is a wonderful companion who often makes me laugh. He and his older brother Max are best buddies.  Best wishes, Richard 

Hi Bobbi Jo, Buddy says Hi!  One of his favorite times watching TV on the chair with me.  Things are going good!  Thanks again for my Buddy.  Rob 

Here's Kenny,  A westie I was lucky enough to adopt from you folks many years ago. He's almost 10 now! But acts like he's 5! Thank you for such an amazing friend.  Anthony

Hello Bobbi,  Just wanted to give you an update on Bentley.  He went for his last round of shots last week.  He weighed 8 1/2 lbs.  Our vet said he looks great and is doing very well:)   Susan

Bobbi Jo-  Thank you so much. Winston is the most amazing happy, smiling, loving pup. We couldn't be happier. If anyone ever needs a westie we will give them your number for sure. See pictures of our love below. Best,  Matt, Colleen and Winston

Sherlock is all puppy, all the time. It’s only been three years since we got Watson, but it’s easy to forget the good and bad parts of having a pup. He and Watson “wrestle” a lot, but think they are getting along OK – never had two dogs before.  Jason

Hello,  I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you a quick update about puppy #3 that we adopted from you last year. Fitzwallace or Fitz as we call him has been doing great, he is a happy, healthy boy and very handsome I might add :-) We enjoy so much having him even though he is a little rascal and enjoys chewing everything he can find (not that he wouldn’t have enough toys).  He loves to go on long walks and enjoys playing with his ball in the backyard, he is full of energy and keeps us on our toes. He got neutered in December but bounced back almost immediately. He already wanted to play with the dogs in the vet office after we picked him up from surgery - typically Fitz. He loves kids and other dogs but forgets sometimes that he is a little smaller than others, one of his best friends is a 165 lbs bull mastiff and compared to 15 lbs Fitz it frightened me at the beginning to let them play but Fitz has him under control and herds him lol.  Fitz was not the biggest cuddler at the beginning but my persistence and many, many belly rubs have finally convinced him that cuddling is good and now he comes and enjoys his massages.  I hope you enjoyed getting this little update and you can rest assured that Fitz found a really good home where he is loved beyond believe.  Best regards, Erika