Breeding Program:

We breed for temperament, health, quality, and the conformity of the breed. When planning a litter the sire and dam are selected based on the above characteristics. We do not breed dogs that are related. We breed for one or two litters a month. Our dogs are not bred every time they have a heat cycle. We consult with our vet regularly.

Our Kennel Facilities:

Our dogs are housed in a climate controlled kennel with a ventilation system. The air inside the kennel is exchanged with fresh outdoor air six to ten times per day. The dogs have an indoor area where their food, water, and toys are and an outdoor exercise area. The outdoor exercise area is under roof to protect the dogs from harsh weather. They can go in and out as they please through doggy doors. Both the inside and outside areas are cleaned and sanitized daily.
Visiting Guidelines:

1. We require appointments for visiting our kennel. Email or call if you would like to schedule an appointment. Puppies/Parents will only be shown with scheduled appointments.
2. The puppies must be 6 weeks old before they have visitors.
3. When you visit, we will show you the available puppies, if you wish to see the parents that is fine- just let me know in advance.
4. You will not be allowed to enter the kennel. The owners, their vets, Pennsylvania Dog Wardens, and AKC Kennel Inspectors are the only individuals that are permitted inside the kennel. There are people that believe we have things to hide because we do not let them enter our kennel, that is not true. We care to much about the health, safety, and well being of our dogs to let strangers and all the millions of germs on them enter our kennel. We do not want to contaminate our kennel and/or bring in diseases. If you are concerned about the conditions inside our kennel, contact us we can give you the phone numbers of our vets and inspectors and you can ask them.
5. We do not allow visitors to bring their other dogs to the farm. Due to the threat of Brucellosis.